Hi! I'm Dale! Thank you for stopping by!  I'm a wedding photographer with a home base in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I also travel regularly to Los Angeles, and shoot all over the country.  (Oh, and psst... I don't charge travel for weddings).


At Benfield Photography, I think of my style as fun, fashionable, and fabulous (just like my clients)!  I absolutely LOVE photographing LOVE.  If you're in love, then you need me!  Not only will you end up with some incredible moments captured and timeless portraits, you'll end up with a friend!  Friends are the best.





One unique aspect of my style is that I am great at finding beautiful light (as opposed to creating artificial light, which can be unflattering and harsh). I call my signature light “Benny Backlight.” I haven’t found a single person that doesn’t look amazing with a little Benny Backlight! I love using light and color to make your wedding images breathtaking!

I also use what God provides to create my images. I like to think of it as the chef that goes to the Farmer’s Market to buy what’s fresh and in-season. When you look at the blog in October, you’ll see lots of yellows, oranges, and reds because I embrace the season! During spring months you’ll see color… lots and lots of color!  Shooting this way keeps me inspired!

I approach weddings like I am longtime friends of the couple, which in most cases becomes the reality.  By becoming close over the engagement process, it's easy for me to create a deep bond with our couples, and makes photographing them really easy because they are comfortable in front of my camera (even if they aren't fans of being photographed). I absolutely cherish my one-on-one time with the couple on the wedding day (it's my favorite part of the wedding day!), because I get to share some really important time with them and create amazing portraits.


from Kady Newton (our darling bride on the right)...


I can without a doubt say that hiring Benfield Photography was not only the best decision we made regarding our wedding, but also the best money I've ever spent on anything in my life. We met with Dale before we were even engaged to make sure we'd be able to have him photograph our big day. He perfectly captured all of the joy, excitement, happiness, and love that was present at the Clinton Library as I became Tyler's wife. The thing is, you don't just get a photographer with Dale.... you get someone willing to jump in with your husband and help plan & capture your proposal; you get some who gets just as giddy with excitement as you do when you ask if he can shoot an engagement video for your rehearsal dinner; you get someone who literally goes above and beyond every single year to host an awards party (the fabulous Benny Awards, holla!) just to show his clients how thankful he is for hiring him; and if you're lucky enough, you get a hilarious person who transitions from your wedding photographer to your friend. He is worth every cent, and there is no way I could replace what he has given me. His talent is unmatched, and his work is impeccable.



Just a couple more things:


1) Don't assume I'm out of your budget - I love to work with ALL couples!  Every wedding is different and if you're planning a wedding at a location I've never shot, having an intimate ceremony, or eloping... I want to talk to you!  And I want to shoot your wedding!


2) Don't assume I'm booked - I hear so often that brides wanted to use me but just assumed I was booked.  I only book 20 dates a year... that's why I fill up; however, that means I have half the Saturdays a year wide open!  If you are planning a fabulous wedding and want me to photograph it, please reach out (I conveniently placed a contact form at the bottom of every page of this site, haha, so it's easy to send a quick message).


3) Let's create!

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About Benfield Photography

Dale started Benfield Photography in 1998 as a way to pay for college. After earning his Master's Degree and teaching college photography, he decided to transition into a full-time photographer.  Since then, he has photographed more than 500 weddings all over the country and abroad. He has also published two books on photography and business.

Dale loves cooking, entertaining, Hallmark Christmas movies, Jesus, kittens, and his two daughters, Cece and Ellie.

Benfield Photography photographs weddings in Arkansas, California, and worldwide. He's photographed weddings in Rome, proposals in Paris, New York City weddings, Dallas weddings, Memphis weddings, Austin weddings, Los Angeles weddings, Napa Valley weddings, San Diego weddings, Aspen weddings, and many more.

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